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Walk With Me started with our live walks

It was May 2020 and Australia was in a strict lockdown due to Covid-19. Former AFL, MVP and dual North Melbourne premiership player, Corey McKernan, sent a simple call to action across across his social media platforms for anyone interested, they could join him from any location for a walk (next) morning over a Zoom meeting link.

“Exercise is so important to my wellbeing, physically and mentally, and is what I know as a professional AFL player, so I came up with the idea to walk over Zoom. Anyone can join from any location in the world simply by logging in to their unique Zoom link," said Corey.

Without knowing it at the time, Corey had founded Walk With Me.

Since then, hundreds of participants have joined Corey and a loyal, inclusive group for discussions around momentum, connection and development. Some walks are very interactive, other ones are listening in to Corey interview special guests, all of them aim to deliver lessons on how to thrive through adversity. ​